With the winter weather approaching fast it’s important to have maintenance done on your heating system. When asking a customer if they have had their system maintained recently I usually have a couple responses. First is, “I just had my system installed earlier this year. I can’t have possibly used it enough for it to need maintenance.” Quite the contrary! One thing that most heating and air conditioning contractors fail to tell you is that most major manufactures, such as Trane and American Standard, say in order to maintain HVAC parts warranties regular maintenance is required. By having this service provided, you are making sure that all your parts are getting properly cleaned, checked to make sure all moving parts are working and that the air flow from your furnace to your home is as efficient as it can be.

Another response we receive is, “I just changed my filter in the spring when I did my A/C maintenance.” Or, “I changed the filter myself.” Changing the filter in the spring is completely different then changing it in the winter. Spring tune ups focus on your A/C system which is a completely different system from your heating. So changing the filter on the air handler will not benefit the furnace as it has a separate filter. Also changing the filter yourself while cost effective could cause problems in the future and cost you a bit more. If the filter isn’t installed properly you could be causing harm to the system by not having certain parts move and dirt building up in the wrong spots. Plus there are a lot more parts involved with your heating system then just the filter. Checking to make sure all parts are cleaned and clear of dirt will ensure a properly working system that is also energy efficient.

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