Being a homeowner can lead to making some tough decisions. One of those decisions is whether or not to install or simply replace an existing furnace or air conditioning system. When making any tough decision you should always have at least 3 different consultations and estimates. Now the hard part, which company do I use? At Air Docs we have a lot of indecisive clients call and say that they heard of our good reputation and want to go with us but they have received a slightly lower estimate from another company. We will personally speak with them and go over and compare those estimates to work with the client but usually a few key factors come in place. First, what kind of equipment is each company offering? Yes, you can pay a small amount less for the same work but different brands. Brands like American Standard and Lochinvar are top name brands and offer outstanding warranties and are known for their efficiency. Often brands like these actually save you money because they help save on your gas and electric bill. Here at Air Docs we only install the best because as the old adage goes “You get what you pay for.” Not only that, wouldn’t you want a system that will last you 15+ years compared to a lesser name brand and you’ll have to buy a whole new system only after half that time? Some other things that come into play when comparing estimates is scope of work. Read over each estimate carefully and make sure they are both covering the same spectrum of the installation and equipment. And last but not least, remember the quality of the work. You want referrals and read reviews. Air Docs gives only their top service to their customers. Cleanliness during and after the installation and finishing the work in a timely manner, are just some of the important aspects when doing a job. Don’t make a tough decision alone. Let us help you and guide you into making a great decision to add comfort to your home.