Family owned and operated since 2003

Air Docs CrewAir Doc’s Heating and Air Conditioning is a well established, family owned business. Owned by Sal Esposito, Air Doc’s Inc. was established in 2003. Sal began his career in Fort Myers, Florida as an HVAC technician at the young age of 16. Quickly, Sal realized his passion for the field and knew he wanted to someday be the owner of his own HVAC business. At 23, Sal returned to his original hometown of New Rochelle, New York and began his dream. With his strong will, hard work, and determination, Sal was able to build the successful business he currently has today. Sal hold licenses in Westchester County, Putnam County, Connecticut and the Bronx. After servicing New York and Connecticut for over 10 years, Sal decided to expand his business to where it all began—in Fort Myers, Florida. He now currently holds a Florida license and is quickly becoming as well known there as he is in New York. Sal takes great pride in all of his work and gives Air Doc’s Inc. a strong foundation. When Sal isn’t busy fixing air conditioners or doing proposals for potential clients, he spends quality time with his wife and 3 kids.